Friday, December 6, 2013

Elf on the Shelf Alternatives: A New Elf In Town

We love the general idea of Elf on the Shelf, but didn't have the original elf from the book.  So we searched around for a suitable alternative.  We wanted something about the same size, appproximately 10 - 12 inches tall, bendy, if possible, and friendly. 

A cute, small, bendy elf was surprisingly hard to find. Finally, we found one meant as an ornament. He's 11 inches tall and has bendy arms and legs.  If you find a similar elf and he isn't bendy, you could make a small slit in his arms and legs, insert a pipe cleaner or jewelry wire, and stitch him back up. 

We are generally using the elf as in the story, but ours in a friendlier, gentler elf.  Some days he hides just for fun.  

Other days, elf suggests acts of kindness such donating toys to the Children's Hospital or making cookies for the neighbors. He just leaves a note next to him as he hides. 

We love our elf and will miss him when he leaves.  Wishing you the happiest of holidays!


  1. I have to say he is one of the cutest elves I've seen. The "original" actually freaks me out. I'm glad you're having so much fun with him. :)

  2. This elf is a thousand times better than the original both because he is cuter and because he suggests doing acts of kindness. How wonderful!

  3. I didn't know people were doing mean things with their elves :( We have the one from the book and he is always leaving Brookie sweet notes :) I loveeeeeeeeee your Elf ... he is so stinkin' adorable!!! :)

  4. oh I love this!
    our elf is a kind elf as well. sometime he gets into a bit of trouble but he is fun! the boys just love him!!!

  5. We have the elf shelf but for some reason he forgets to move LOL.

    Your is adorable and I love all the ideas on how you use him!!