Thursday, June 23, 2011

Those Quickly Passing Baby Days

It’s a good week when you find one of your layouts featured on the October Afternoon blog. OA featured the layout below, "Welcome Baby," of my son as a newborn.

The blog link is here:

And it’s an even better week when you find a layout of your son at age one in the pages of Creating Keepsakes.  My layout, "Oh, How The Days Flutter By,: is on p. 70 of the July/Aug 2011 issue.

Oh, time, you are swift of foot. The baby years go too fast. Much too fast. How I miss those sweet baby days. Those days when my little one was soft and warm and malleable and I could swoop him up and hold him close and he wouldn’t protest and he wouldn’t squirm away. And he wouldn’t look at me funny if tears dropped down my cheeks in awe of this tiny creature and in wonderment of being his mom. But he is my big boy now. A toddler. And he’s wonderful in his own right. But there is a tug, always a tug, for the baby he once was.


  1. How freaking awesome is that Izzy!!! Good for you girl! Your work is so fabulous, always!


  2. Congratulations!!!! I saw your LO in CK- simply fabulous! So exciting about October Afternoon too. Your work is great, so I'm glad others see that too.

  3. Congrats on your feature and your publication Izzy! That's awesome!!!

  4. Congrats on being featured, Izzy! That is so totally amazing!!!!! I am not surprised, though, as your work is awesome! I love how your blog is coming around, too!

  5. Oh Izzy, this is so cool!! Congrats on the publications!!! I hear you on the tug at the heart strings. My littlest is 4.5, and I feel the same way. I am so sad that he is growing up so fast. Grateful that he likes to cuddle and is a huge mama's boy! My sweet girl (my middle child) is in her early teens and slowing getting to that Mom isn't cool stage. That one isn't easy either!

  6. Awesome accomplishments, Izzy. I am not surprised, though. Your work is always fabulous, and who can resist your son's adorable face?!?


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