Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day


Today I honor my brother, who served with the Marine Corps in Iraq. He had a hard service. He was assigned to a reconnaissance mission, not to a base. He slept in tents; he ate MREs; he patrolled in towns; he helped rebuild schools. He befriended Iraqi children. And he lost his friends. War is ugly but I am blessed with a brother who has a beautiful soul and a deep devotion to those he loves. This is the kind of men and women serving our country today.

Today I honor my father, who was drafted into the Army, but volunteered for the Marines during the Vietnam War. He was in the infantry, a foot soldier. The stories he told me about the war were of the camaraderie of his buddies or funny things about the young villagers. He never spoke of the ugliness he saw. He didn’t expect to make it back. We’re all blessed that he did.


Today I honor by grandfather who served in World War II. He was in the Army and fought in the Battle of the Bulge, where he was wounded and awarded the purple heart. He was the hardest worker I ever knew. He could do anything with his hands. He loved his wife. He provided for his family. He held his grandchildren close. He was a great man and I miss him.


Today. Today, I lift up our men and women in service. Today, I grieve for the fallen. Today, I swell with pride that I come from a family whose fathers and sons and brothers have fought for our freedoms.

Today, I honor and today, I remember.  And tomorrow, I will too.


  1. Great post, Izzy!!! I think it's so important for everyone to remember those who have sacrificed and who dedicate each day to our freedom. Your words really touched me.

  2. Such a wonderful post Izzy! A big thank you goes out to your family from mine for their service.

  3. An awesome and inspiring post! Well done, Izzy.


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