Friday, February 13, 2015

Easy Valentine Collection Bags: Kindergarten Craft

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!  Cory's kindergarten class celebrated the holiday at school yesterday. We made these owl treat bags to hold their valentines. Easier and cheaper than the traditional Valentine box. 

I made the samples above for the class: boy and girl owls with wiggly eyes, a doily middle and little heart feet. 

I used kraft bags from the gift bag aisle at Michaels. The bags were sold by the dozen (a baker's dozen, actually) for $5.99. The bags measure 5.5 inches across and 8.5 inches tall. Perfect for this simple craft. 

Two of the boys made these fun versions. Got to love the bug on the heart! Ha!

Above are versions the girls made. So sweet. I love how they all turned out. 

This was a really fast craft for the class. They finished in about 15 minutes. Almost too fast as we had an hour to fill for the party!

After the bags were made, the kids distributed their Valentines. Or more accurately, I should say, the kids distributed the candy they brought in for class. It looked like Halloween!  From the 24 kids in the class, Cory received one handmade Valentine, one traditional store bought card and 22 pieces of Valentine candy with a sticker wrapped around it. Truth in blogging: the "valentines" that Cory brought to school were in that latter category. No stones here!

The one lone handmade Valentine. Yoda best! Love it!


  1. The bags are too cute and I'm LOVING the Yoda valentine!!

  2. The bags are adorable! And I love the Yoda. Three cheers to the kid with the homemade valentines!

  3. I love love love love the bags!! They are sooooooooo cute! And LOVING that Yoda! So awesome!!!!!!!

  4. I remember those days! Anne is 12 and no longer shares Valentines with her classmates. :( But it was so much fun to see your post - such a cute, cute project, Izzy. And that Yoda card is absolutely adorable!!!!

  5. I love the kids' take on your adorable sample bags, Izzy! It looks like they had a lot of fun creating their very own Valentine bags (whether it was to hold cards or candy, LOL). :)


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